Exhibitor Profile

Leading National and Internatioal
Manufacturers and Exporters in their sectors;

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  • Snacks, Bakery Products, Biscuits, Cakes,
  • Chocolates, Confectionery
  • Pulses, Oil, Rice, Noodles, Pasta
  • Dried fruits, Nuts,
  • Tea, Coffee, Beverages,
  • Agriculture and Agricultural By-Products, Spices
  • Ready-made Food and Canned Food
  • Chilled, Frozen Food Products, Ready to Cook and Eat Products
  • Organic Food,
  • Pastes, Sauces
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  • Personal Care, Cleaning and Hygiene Products
  • Beauty, Make-Up, Skin Care, Hair Care Products and Equipments
  • Health, Care and Protective Products
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  • Dry Food, Wet Food, Feed, Canned Food, Chews and Rewards
  • Organic Food and Nutritional Products
  • Functional Nutrition and Health Products
  • Bentonite and Other Cat Litters
  • Textile Products, Plastic Products, Wooden Products, Accessories, Toys and Equipments
  • Veterinary Clinic Equipments and Supplies
  • Technological Products
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  • Kitchen and Bathroom Products, Equipment and Supplies
  • Cleaning Products
  • Home Textile
  • Mother, Baby and Care Products
  • Office Consumable Products
  • Disposable Products
  • Hobby and Entertainment Products
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products
  • Car Care and Performance Products
  • Consumer Electronics and Technologies
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  • Packaging and Label
  • Design, Creative Agencies
  • Consulting
  • Licence and Brand Management