Why Exhibit?


By bringing together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the main sectors
where private label, white label and contract manufacturing are common, with brand owners who are effective in their sectors and have high sales and distribution power and with sector professionals who want to develop their own brands,
PRIVEXPO aims for the continuous development of the private label industry and the introduction of new and innovative products to global markets. fast entry and It helps brand owners reach the right manufacturers in the fastest and most effective way and find solutions to their supply needs and provides a permanent manufacturer-product and brand owner-market diversity by gathering the international private label industry in one place with the right synergy.

Private Label industry, which has a market volume of 750 Billion USD in the world, It is predicted that it will reach a volume of 2 Trillion USD in the next 10 years with a minimum annual growth of %10.

For example, in the Private label, FMCG segment, according to Statista reports; Market share is around %15-20 in North America, In Western Europe; it has increased to levels between %35 and %50-55. It is currently at %15 in Eastern Europe, %6 in Africa-Middle East and %6 in Asia-Pacific. Industry is promising a very rapid development and great opportunities.

PRIVEXPO; with the combination of experienced markets of the Eurasian continent and energetic markets that are very open to development, It aims to bring together both strong manufacturers and suppliers, as well as leading brands and buyers of developed and developing markets, to accelerate regional development and global depth and to enable its exhibitors and visitors to achieve commercially successful business.